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 Q: Is it quick to use?   A: YES

 Q: Is it designed to instantly inform me?  A: YES

 Q: Is it easy to set up?  A: YES

 Q: Is it cheap?  A: YES

 Q. Can I see my reports?  A: YES

 Q. Can I see the status of a report?  A: YES

 Q. Is it designed for smart phones and Ipads?  A: YES

 Q. Is it overloaded with other related obligations?  A: NO!


It is just to keep you informed and in charge. It is designed to let you know the risks you can’t see that you need to fix immediately and not wait until it goes wrong and you are legally liable!

A simple Safety Report App is long overdue

It has been my long held opinion that managers were liable to a greater level than their systems protected them. In the world of safety the penalties are very high in a human, financial and court imposed fines and potential prison terms.

The two main systems operating at the moment in workplaces:

  • Paper based system which is not always used and relies heavily of each step being completed in a timely manner.
  • Online based system which has numerous other capabilities and required fields to be completed which at times encourages the lesser incidents not to be reported.

Some workplaces are very thorough in checking, monitoring and following up. Unfortunately, many businesses focus on the bigger issues and the signs to alert the Manager are there but not reported.

So I searched for a an inexpensive simple to use Safety Report App which allowed instant notification to the manager so they can choose the right action to take, BEFORE it results in an incident.

I found some quite capable systems but with major drawbacks in three main areas:

  1. Too cumbersome with additional obligations that meant reporting triggered a number of other events to be managed even if it was simple to fix.
  2. The cost was above $1,000 per year and some into the $10,000s
  3. Can’t find the price or had to buy modules which I didn’t really understand and didn’t really think I needed.

So I created the $1.50 per week per person Safety Report App. (Minimum 5 people)

I did not charge extra for managers or administrators. I just wanted a simple safety report app the informed managers of what was happening in their workplaces right now. And let Managers decide before an incident what should happen

We all know the heavy investigation applied to serious incidents and on some occasions there were significant and obvious opportunities to avoid the incident.

A common theme with every Manager under investigation is the actions they took to make sure that they were informed of the risks. Most of the systems whether online or paper based or fell short of protecting the Manager.

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